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I reached out to Jen at JFit 360 looking for a personal trainer who could work with my wife Rosalia. She was recovering after chemotherapy, which causes some muscle wasting, so she needed some assistance building strength back. We have been extremely pleased with Jen's training regimen. She has been careful to not over-tax, but still push Rosalia so that she has made steady progress. Jen is on time and very professional. We highly recommend JFit and Jen, whatever your fitness goals are. Thanks, Jen!
– Frank

I absolutely love working out with Jen! She has been in my life for years now, both in person and virtually, and I appreciate all of it. She is currently helping me keep moving throughout my pregnancy and I couldn’t be more grateful. Highly recommend!
– Alisha

Jen is everything I want and need in a personal trainer - empathic, flexible, nonjudgmental, encouraging, and kicked my booty every session! I started training with her to get in shape for my wedding during a very difficult, stressful, and chaotic time in my life. Jen gave me structure and motivation to start prioritizing my fitness goals again. Her sessions were efficient and effective. Plus, I learned how to combine cardio and strength training with minimal equipment. I love that she gave me confidence and motivation again!
– Kasey

During the colder and darker months here in the Netherlands, I struggle to pick myself up and go to the gym to work out so I decided to ask Jen for weekly virtual sessions. Even though we have a big time zone difference, Jen always made time to squeeze me in for workouts and these were so much fun! Yes, sometimes I felt like things were challenging and I was about to die (lol) but at the end I was always SO proud of myself and looking forward to the next session. Jen is super kind, patient, encouraging and creative. Even though I am on the other side of the world, I would highly recommend her!
– Jill

I have been working with Jen since 2016 after having my first child. Jen helped me get into great shape after having a baby. The experience was so positive and so effective that I stuck with Jen since that time through another child. I was in great shape for my second pregnancy which helped me get through it, and also with delivery and recovery. Beyond being a top notch trainer, Jen is fun to spend time with, even virtually. She’s become more than a trainer, and I consider her a friend. I couldn’t recommend Jen more strongly!
– Sara

Getting stronger and in better condition physically with Jen as my trainer increased my confidence and mental/emotional strength, also. Without the training discipline I would not have made much progress in becoming more physically fit. Now even if I slip, I know HOW to get back in shape and how valuable it is for me.
– Karen  

I have trained with Jen and Jason since March, 2020. My husband has been training with them for many years. They are the perfect combination of strength training and cardio exercise. Jen and Jason carefully plan their exercise routines. They also happen to be very nice and have become friends. They are attentive to our needs, they listen. I consider myself fortunate to have found them. I would never have the discipline to do this on my own. I am now 74 and have to keep moving.
– Kathy

I have been a client of JFit 360 for five years. I am a 73 year old male. I was only reasonably disciplined on diet and exercise before I connected with Jen. Today I am happily 15 pounds lighter and in really good health and spirits. I see JFit 3 times a week. I appreciate the variety and the “ just right” degree of difficulty. I think my grandson will enjoy my company for a long time because of JFit 360.
– Bob  

I have been working out with Jen since 2014. She helped me stay active and strong after my first pregnancy and during my second pregnancy. The workout plans were challenging and tailored to my changing needs. I feel stronger and my energy levels were high despite being 30 weeks pregnant. After each workout there were regular follow ups to check in how I was feeling. I strongly recommend Jen to anyone who is looking to meet their fitness goals. On personal level Jen is a very kind hearted person. She is an avid animal lover and her volunteer work towards the causes she cares for speaks volumes. Her focus and ability to all that she does is very impressive.
– Shuchi  

Jen and Jay were my saviors leading up to my wedding! I wanted to lose about 25 pounds for my big day and they helped me shed 23 of those pounds. But beyond getting the scale to move, Jen and Jay helped strengthen me mentally and emotionally. They care deeply about the people they work with and they look at their clients’ lives holistically. Rather than just stringing together a bunch of exercises, they tailor the entire experience to you and become your friends along the way! I always felt like they were interested in life beyond my workouts and actively worked to support both my physical and mental health through the programs they designed for me. Thank you, Jen and Jay, for all your help! – Melisse  

I began working with Jen & Jay in my mid-50’s and have now worked with them through two hip replacements.  In our initial period, they willingly addressed my limitations safely and with enthusiasm, helping me gain strength and aerobic health.  Over the course of my subsequent medical procedures, they continued with me adapting to my changing needs and limitations.  I cannot highly enough recommend J&J as a team that can work with older clients well under normal circumstances and then through a period of physical limitations that require attention, flexibility and the ability to modify their workout plans to accommodate personal needs.  I cannot wait to get back to fully healthy workouts! – Minta

Over the years I have joined many clubs, worked with a variety of trainers and attended countless fitness classes, but nothing holds a candle to the results I achieved from JFit.  Jen and Jay bring a highly supportive, custom and incremental approach to achieving your fitness goals.  They are very passionate about their work and it shows.  Each session is a little different which makes it fun.  I highly recommend JFit – one of the best investments I have ever made. – Chris

We have been thrilled to have Jen, Jason and their JFit 360° team work with our two teenage daughters over the past year. Our daughters were both on high school sports teams but wanted to keep fit (and get fitter) in the off season, and they were looking for a time-efficient way to do this. Our daughters loved working with Jen, Jason and Andrea, each of whom came directly to our house with new, interesting and high energy workouts every time. Each have a wonderful way of keeping the workouts fun yet highly effective. They kept changing up the workouts and went outdoors for workouts whenever the weather permitted. Our girls were exhausted but happy after each of the workouts and they did get more fit! We are hoping that working with Jen and Jason will help our girls establish a healthy and active lifestyle even after they go to college. We are continuing to work with Jen and Jason and could not be happier. – Sharon

After two years of avoiding anything and all things fitness, Jen and Jay were exactly what I needed to get back my motivation. Having worked with countless trainers in the past, I can confidently say that what Jen and Jay offer is completely unique and their approach is very dynamic being their skill sets are so broad. No two workouts are ever the same and they are consistently finding new ways to keep me challenged. They truly can do it all! They are terrific and I would not hesitate to recommend them. – Robert

After 30 years avoiding fitness, we realized our bodies had become toneless blobs with no endurance. We have all the fancy equipment, but never motivate to use it. There’s no chance we’d be disciplined to go to a gym. With Jen and Jay, they just show up at the house. There’s no activation energy required — there’s no option. Exercise has always been boring, but Jen and Jay mix up the workouts, so there’s little repetition. There’s always a mix of cardio, strength, balance, stretching. They alternate who comes and since they have slightly different styles, personalities, and workout preferences, that adds to the variety. They bring everything we need. When it’s warm, we’re outside and when it’s cold, they can work with any space in the house. They are a great team and we have no preference who shows up. Both of them are terrific and very knowledgeable. They push us just hard enough, but not past our capacities. In our 50’s, we’re nowhere near as fit as their younger clients, but they tailor our workouts perfectly. After a trial period of a couple sessions, we committed to a year of twice weekly sessions. We’re about 6 months in and definitely made the right decision. We feel so much better.  If we stopped, we know what would happen, and we’re not going back there. We plan to be in better shape in our 60’s than we are in our 50’s and Jen and Jay will make sure of that. – Steve and Laurie


At the age of 69 I thought it was about time that I get in shape again.  I had tried trainers at their studios and clubs many times but invariably I would quit after a few months. I have a pretty busy work schedule and fitting in a drive to the gym, drive home, clothes changes–it was too easy to roll over and go back to bed, particularly on dark winter mornings. With JFit 360 it is so much better.  Jason or Jen are at my door, right on time with a custom workout suited to me.  They are extremely knowledgeable, very experienced, and pleasant to be with in spite of the workout they lead. I have lost 15 lbs and added 10 yards to my golf drives. I really am stronger.  I highly recommend them.  – Bob 


Jen and Jay have made a liar out of me! When I first started training with them I told them I do not sweat much during a workout, typically it is after. However, working out with them has me sweating like never before! I am seeing some amazing changes in my body and I have never felt stronger or healthier in my life! They keep me motivated and keep my body guessing. I look forward to training with them for a very long time, even after I hit my goals. – Alisha


My daughters aged 13 and 9 and I started “small group” training with Jen in August 2015. From the moment we met her we knew we were a great match–which is impressive since she had to balance the strong personalities of a middle aged woman, a teenager and a middle schooler!! Every session starts with such positive energy that we just want to make Jen proud of us. Obviously, we are all at differing fitness levels but she accommodates us without making anyone feel embarrassed! We started working out with Jen with the intention of training for our first 5k. Not only did we really go from “couch to 5k” in 2 months but since that time, we even ran another 5k!! We continue to train with her in the winter because she makes each session different and so much fun!! We plan to sign up for more races in the spring and look forward each week to being around her with her infectious laugh and boundless energy. She is a true inspiration. We live in a time when obesity is an epidemic. Jen has given my family the life skills to stay in shape forever. – Stacy


When my fiancé and I got engaged we knew that we needed to kick our workouts into high gear in order to get in shape for the wedding. We met with JFit 360° 2x/week for 12 weeks at the park next to our apartment. Every week they came with new workouts that not only pushed us but were fun too, we really enjoyed spending the mornings sweating together. Prior to our engagement we were working out a lot but their tailored trainings provided us with the intensity and motivation that we needed to reach our weight loss goals. We felt and looked so great for our wedding that we signed up for another 12 weeks as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, and now have been working with them for three years. Bring on the burpees! – Alexis & Rob


I had stopped working out for a few years due to a knee and then a hip problem. I now work out twice weekly with Jen and once by myself following a program she sets up for me. She is always so upbeat and encouraging, yet careful not to push too hard so as to avoid any further injuries to me. I thoroughly enjoy each session despite the fact that they are very challenging. I feel so much better since beginning to work with her. I have now been working out with her for going on five years and I would highly recommend Jen to anyone! – Sharon


Neither my husband nor I have ever worked out with an in-home trainer before, but thanks to JFit 360° we are total converts. We are loving working out with Jen and Jay. Each week they bring new exercises and strategies to keep the workouts fresh and transform our bodies. Not to mention they bring all the equipment so a home gym isn’t necessary. I started working out with Jen before I was pregnant and now that I am 8 months pregnant I’m still going strong. She’s keeping me fit and modifying workouts for my changing body. I know she’ll whip me back into shape in no time once the baby arrives and I’m cleared to work out again. My husband is working with Jay to add muscle (he doesn’t need to lose any weight) and has seen results that he’s never gotten before. They work us hard, and it’s not always pretty, but the results are great and Jen and Jay are fantastic. We both highly recommend JFit 360°! – Corinne & Chris


Jen is amazing. I have been working with her for 3 months and with hard work have seen visible results from my training sessions. I love that she comes to me, has the right equipment and pushes me to work harder. She offers ad hoc workout/ nutrition advice when I am not with her and she really pushes me to be my best. To anyone that is considering a personal trainer – I highly recommend Jen at JFit 360! – Amy


I met Jen & Jay at a bridal expo and we hired them to do a wedding bootcamp. Our goal was not to lose tons of weight in the weeks before our wedding but to get fit and in shape so that we could dance the night away at our wedding, and we did just that. My husband and I love working with with them because they work around our schedule and come to our house, so there is never an excuse not to work out. They also customize our workouts, keeping in mind our numerous injuries and helping us get stronger without causing further damage. I couldn’t go up stairs without being out of breath and because of JFit 360°, I was able to dance and enjoy my whole day. We are excited to resume our workouts after our honeymoon and continue our upward trend of staying in shape and enjoying life! – Schlonge & Andy


Jen and Jay are a blast to work out with. They are professional, friendly, and most importantly…they push you to get results. They keep each session interesting with different exercises, fun and unique equipment (think more than just weights…hurdles, ropes, medicine balls, and more), and customized workouts each time that they leave with you. I signed up for the annual package and could not be happier these past few months. I’m also working out with them through my first pregnancy and helps keep me feeling good. I highly recommend them. – Melissa


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