About Our Services

JFit 360° will help you feel good about the way you look and feel, from the inside out.  Whether you are preparing for an athletic event, want to lose weight, gain strength and/or flexibility, or improve your overall fitness level, I will get you to your individualized goals.

What to expect from personal training:

  • Constant motivation and encouragement
  • Program variety and progression
  • To be safely pushed to the intensity levels that you are capable of
  • Accountability for you to remain consistent with strength training and cardio
  • Advice and recommendations about nutrition
  • Assessment of your current fitness level and reassessment as you progress
  • Creation of realistic fitness goals

Specialty areas:

Boxing, Kickboxing, Utilizing body weight for resistance, Kettle bells, Yoga, Strength training with weights, Circuit training, Boot camp, Strength and Conditioning, Calisthenics, Cardiovascular training, Endurance training, Plyometrics, Running, Balance & Core Strengthening

If the weather does not permit us to hold sessions outside then we move to an indoor location (which must be provided by the client: in the client’s home or a rental facility where costs are covered by the client).  Most years we are able to hold outdoor workouts between the months of April/May through September/October.

Give a friend or loved one the gift of health and fitness: JFit 360° gift certificates are available. Contact us today for more information.

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