Online/Distance-Based Training

Already have a gym membership and experience exercising? Sick and tired of going to the gym with no real plan or systematic approach to reach a fitness goal? Well, look no further then JFit 360°’s online/distance-based training option! With online/distance based training, our customers receive a new program each month broken down into weekly and daily training sessions. In order to best formulate a custom exercise program for the individual’s needs, every JFit 360° online/distance-based training client receives an online or phone onboarding interview to discuss goals, past exercise experience, current and past injury history, as well as likes and dislikes of working out.


Services provided:

  • Initial online or phone onboarding interview
  • New and exciting exercise programs each and every month
  • Monthly online or phone meeting to discuss the past month, analyze progress, concerns, and any refinement of goals


Benefits include:

  • Less wasted time at the gym trying to figure out what exercises to do
  • Accountability and record keeping
  • Programs tailored to fit into busy schedules
  • Much more affordable than traditional one-on-one personal training
  • Tailored programs; no cookie cutting or one size fits all approach


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