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  • Sweat NSK

    Sweat NSK: When did you decide fitness was important to you for your own life? JD: I started my love affair with fitness back in high school when I was bitten by the running bug after joining my school's track team. My parents had just gotten divorced, I had to move and change schools, my grandma passed away after a painful battle with cancer - it was a tough time for me and running was a non-chaotic chill space where I could get into this calming zone and help melt those stressors away. In addition to my team's practices and track meets, I would regularly take to the pavement and run for miles and miles, it was my sanctuary. I continued to run run run and in my 20s started to incorporate other forms of exercise into my life -(bootcamp classes, spin classes, yoga), and I became hooked on anything and everything that made me sweat!

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